The family of Shermando Tamang, Nepali, came to us with a video asking for us to help them bring Shermando back. She has been in Beit Chaar,Lebanon for four years, working for Nasri and Soha Kazen. Most of her salary has not been paid and she has not been given access to her phone to be able to call her family in Nepal.  The only way they can talk to her is by calling when Nasri and Soha are not at home. Also, she has not been able to contact any other Nepali men or women in Beirut.

On the 15th of March we managed to contact her. When we were talking to her she was crying and begging us to help her go home.

Over the days we were calling and Whatsapping Nasri to ask him to pay Shermando her salary and let her go home he said, Nasri Kazen told us the following: “Go ahead and post on Facebook. I am an important person in Lebanon. I am not unknown.”

On the 19th of March, Shermando finally called her family, saying she was happy to be with the Kazen family and wanting to stay for another year and asking people not to talk to her employers (slaveholders) anymore. Due to our prior conversation with her on the 15th we are convinced this is not what she really wants and that she is being forced by Nasri and Soha to say this. Up to this date she has not been able to return home.

The following video shows the family of Shermando asking us for help to return her home to Nepal. They miss her very much and state that she has only been able to send 150.000 Nepali rupees (about 1300 dollars ) home from working for four years.