Ali Masri and Safaa Saleh Hold Eunice in Forced Labor

Ali and Safaa employed Eunice in April, 2019. They have not paid her and have denied her contact with her family. They say it is because of the dollar crisis.


Eunice Tabo

Ghanian Worker Trying to Pay Hospital Bills for Her Sick Mother


Ali Masri & Safaa Saleh

Liars and Slaveholders


Eunice Tabo, Ghanaian, arrived in Lebanon on 8 April, 2019. She is employed as a housemaid in the home of Ali Masri and Safaa Saleh. She has not been paid for the nearly 11 months she has worked for them. We contacted Ali and Safaa to ask them why they are not paying.

Safaa said that Eunice is not sending the money because

a) there is a dollar problem and

b) Eunice doesn’t want to send it.

Yes, there is a foreign currency crisis, but Eunice went to Lebanon in April, a full 7 months before the crisis began. She went to support her family. Her mother is now in hospital and the family aren’t able to pay the hospital bill because Eunice hasn’t been able to send her salary. We have given several opportunities to Ali and Safaa to pay Eunice and take her back to the office. Before Eunice's secret phone was confiscated, she recorded the following video in which she said she was afraid Ali and Safaa would kill her. We posted this video 3 weeks after the first when we became concerned for her safety.

After we posted the video above, Eunice was moved to a new house. If the man who contacted us claiming to be with Hezbollah is not lying, she is now staying with a relative of Safaa's. Eunice has been forced to say that she has received her full salary. Her new 'mister' sent This Is Lebanon threatening voice messages. Where, exactly, is Eunice now? Why doesn't the Lebanese government do something?

Meet The Abusers

Safaa Saleh Holds Eunice in Forced Labor and Blames the Economic Crisis in Lebanon Kafala
Safaa Saleh

Claims that Eunice does not want to send money home to her mother desperately in need of it in the hospital "just cause."

Ali Masri Hold Eunice Tabo in Forced Labor in Lebanese Economic Crisis
Ali Masri

A liar and slaveholder insistent on holding another human being hostage for his own convenience.



وصلت يونيس تابو من غانا ، إلى لبنان في 8 أبريل 2019. وهي تعمل كعاملة منزل في منزل علي المصري وصفاء صالح. لم تقبض رواتبها لمدة 11 شهر تقريباً عملتها عندهم. اتصلنا ب علي وصفاء لسؤالهم عن سبب عدم الدفع. قالت صفاء إن يونيس لا ترسل الأموال لأن أ) هناك مشكلة بالدولار و ب) يونيس لا تريد إرسالها. نعم، هناك أزمة في العملات الأجنبية، لكن يونيس ذهبت إلى لبنان في أبريل، أي قبل 7 أشهر كاملة من بدء الأزمة. ذهبت لدعم عائلتها. والدتها الآن في المستشفى والعائلة غير قادرة على دفع فاتورة المستشفى لأن يونيس لم تتمكن من إرسال رواتبها. لقد قدمنا العديد من الفرص ل علي وصفاء ليدفعوا ل يونيس ويعيدوها إلى المكتب. لم يستجبوا. نحن ننشر عنها على أمل أن يحفزهم النشر علناً على فعل ما هو صحيح.


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