Some of our cases have happy endings. We were contacted about Marcela by a Togolese community leader in April, 2018. Marcela had not been paid for about 3 years and her employer had not done her papers – this is a very common problem that domestic workers face; although they work under contract in their employer’s home, the employers often don’t do their paperwork so they end up undocumented through no fault of their own. Not only are they undocumented, they are trapped, as they can’t leave Lebanon. We wrote to Marcela’s employer and threatened to expose him on Facebook. Fairly quickly he responded by sending $5,000 of the $10,000 he owed her. After that, every time we rang the employer his wife would say in French that she didn’t understand and close the phone. We had French speakers call from different countries to enquire when they would send Marcela home. Eventually, after two weeks in prison, she was repatriated in the middle of November. The employer paid the balance of the salary owing. When employers pay the salary and repatriate the domestic worker, we agree not to expose them. Welcome back, Marcela. We are happy you are finally home.

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