Glencia (also known as Auntie Ellen), a Filipino, worked for Najla Saad for 18 years (began 2001). Najla’s husband was Mustafa Saad, a well-known political figure in Sidon. Najla founded the Eye Bank and is known for her philanthropy. She forgot that ‘charity starts at home’.

In late November, Glencia got sick and was taken to the public hospital. She stayed 3 nights. Three weeks later her symptoms returned. Her daughter, who also works in Sidon, took her to Labib Hospital (private hospital) but they wouldn’t admit her because Najla refused to pay. The daughter then took her back to the publicĀ hospital. Diagnosis: stroke. Glencia was discharged but lost control over her bowels and couldn’t walk or talk. Even in this state of extreme illness, Najla refused to let Glencia’s daughters visit. She didn’t do her papers for 13 YEARS so Glencia couldn’t travel home. She got paid $250 per month. Najla tried to use her connections to send Glencia back to the Philippines but she was refused permission to travel and was returned to Najla’s house. She passed away at 6:30 am on 8 January, 2019. Her body was repatriated on 19 January. Her daughters declined to make a video because they are afraid – they are still working in Lebanon. Maybe if Najla had done her papers, she would have had access to better medical treatment. Maybe she wouldn’t have died. Maybe she would have been able to travel back to the Philippines. If Glencia’s daughters worked in a country where domestic workers were covered by the labor laws, they would be able to bring a legal case against Najla. But this is Lebanon.

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