Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Rita was in perfect mental health when she went to Lebanon. After 8 months of non-payment she got sick. She ran away to ask for help and got put in prison.

Natalie Bakhos Akiki Enslaves and Overworks Rita Duha to Mental Illness in Domestic Servitude of Lebanons Kafala

Tigist told her sister, ‘They are going to kill me. I don’t think I’ll make it out of here alive.’ And she was right.

Wael, Elias, Elias Milad and Leba Sa'ad Torture, Murder and Cover-up Tigist in Jounieh Lebanon Kafala

Glory wrote to us feeling suicidal. She was tricked into going to Lebanon thinking she'd be working in a hotel. She was abused and unpaid. We got her home.

Glory Escaped Slavery in Lebanon Thanks to Lebanon

Sheik Haydar Hantouch Jawad, a Lebanese American, abused his domestic worker and owes her $23,000 in unpaid salary. She escaped from his house Oct, 19, 2019.

Sheikh Haydar Hantouch Jawad Abusers and Enslaves Melody Regalado in Lebanons Kafala

Sabah and Michelle Sabbagha beat Maria up, falsely accused her of theft and had her thrown in jail to avoid paying her salary. Wealth and power with impunity.

Sabah & Michelle Jumblatt are a Migrant Domestic Worker Slaveholders Abusers and Sexual Assaulter in Lebanon Kafala

Motunrayo was sent to 3 employers by Bilal Raya, Soft Power. None paid. Mohammad Abdallah sexually harassed her. His wife knew about it.

Bilal Raya, Soft Power Agency, Nigerian Embassy in Beirut and Mohamad Abdallah are all Abusive in Lebanese Kafala to Adetutu Motunrayo Adegoriola Victim of Sexual Assault


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