Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Faustina was sexually and physically abused, BUT aware help was coming. She did not commit suicide. There should be a homicide investigation.

Dia Fashion Owned by Murderers and Tortorers of Faustina Tay in Lebanese Kafala

Thereze and Maroun Ayoub are serial abusers. There is photographic evidence of physical abuse. They do not pay. And the Ministry of Labour refuse to intervene.

Lawyer and Slaveholder Thereze Hayek Ayoub and Maroun Ayoub Slaveholder and Physical Abuser of Marjorie Padamado Esposo in Lebanon Kafala

Ali and Safaa employed Eunice in April, 2019. They have not paid her and have denied her contact with her family. They say it is because of the dollar crisis.

Ali Masri and Safaa Saleh Hold Eunice in Forced Labor and Blame the Economic Crisis in Lebanon Kafala

Jenny's employer died and his brother was planning to take her to the agency against her wishes. We advocated for her repatriation and she was sent home.

Wordpress Feature Image Jenny Agredo Thanks This Is Lebanon for Negotiating Her Way Home in Kafala Slavery

Blessing has been enslaved by the Ghalayinis since August 2019. She’s sick with tuberculosis, and she hasn’t received one Lira in payment.

Mohammad Hamze Ghalayin and Hiba Bachir Itani, Abusers and Enslavers of 22 Year Old Ghanian Woman in Lebanon

Liliane Elia withheld 9 months salary from Merly Dimot and when Merly ran away she accused her of stealing gold, money and clothes.

Liliane Dennawy Elia, TV Journalist, Thief & Slaveholder


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