Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Halima was a slave for Ibtissam Saade for 10 whole years – not a single phone call to her husband and three young daughters. Constant physical and verbal abuse.

Women's Rights Don't Apply to Kafala Workers for Ibtisaam Saade

Lensa reveals all about Eleanore Couture's abuse and enslavement of migrant domestic workers in order to make their dresses. This story goes far beyond dresses.

The following is a testimony from Ednalyn Almazan, a Filipino woman who came to Lebanon in August 2014 to work for Dr. Lina Dakar Mattar, a dermatologist, and her husband Dr. Jean Maurice Mattar, an orthopedic surgeon. After two years of working for the Mattars, she asked to return home to the Philippines but her employers wouldn’t let her. She says she was not allowed any days off, and she says that she suffered physical abuse from her employer after she purchased her own ticket home. She left Lebanon in October 2017, having worked for them for over three years. To this day, she is owed $1,850.

Below is the anonymised testimony from a domestic worker who came to Lebanon to work for a man named Emile Bou Farah in 2010. Her account details the sexual harassment she says she faced, and the physical abuse she witnessed at the Saliba Agency which employs domestic workers. She says that Emile Bou Farah preyed on her, made unwanted advances and sexually harassed her. Furthermore, she alleges that she worked 16 hour days and was only allowed to eat once a day.

Below is a series of messages sent to Ahlam Sharref Eldine (Hamade), who previously employed Arlene, a worker from the Philippines. According to Arlene’s family, Ahlam refused to send Arlene home despite her having completed her contract. Ahlam owes Arlene $5,050; to date, Ahlam has not answered a single message from This Is Lebanon.


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