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Abusers of Belaynish – Claudia Abi Zeid

Claudia Abi Zeid المجوية and her husband – abusers of Belaynish

We got a call from a Lebanese woman to say she’d found Belaynish crying with a swollen lip. We are very grateful for her reaching out to us about this. Unfortunately, the police deported Belaynish almost immediately without investigating the physical abuse and unpaid salary.

When trying to get into contact with the woman Belaynish was working for, Madam Claudia, to confront her about the unpaid salary she replied that Belaynish had broken her phone and stolen other items from her. She stated that she had cameras all over the house and Belaynish was lucky she hadn’t put her in jail. Together with this, she said she had a $293 receipt for the phone and stolen items. When we asked for camera footage confirming the stealing and asked for a explanation for the months of unpaid salary, she blocked us.

The money was not the only issue Belaynish was facing when she was living with Claudia and her husband. According to Belaynish they refused to give her permission to call her family and when she left the house, they kept all her personal belongings. Also, she was threatened by Claudia with sentences like,  “I’m going to beat you. I’m going to kill you”. Sadly, these didn’t stay idle threats and Claudia and her husband repeatedly hit Belaynish till she bled during her stay in the family’s house. It even reached the point of Claudia using a knife to threaten her. Humiliation was always present expressed by Claudia saying things such as “You’re going to work under my shoes”, “No one knows you, I’m going to throw you in the rubbish”. When Belaynish left, she asked for her salary and Claudia bluntly refused, saying she didn’t know her and she didn’t owe her any money.

The following video is Belaynish’s testimony from Ethiopia (subtitles included).

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