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Joe Semaan Taken Into Custody

“We have heard, with a great deal of relief, that Joe Semaan has been taken into custody for investigation. Thank you to the brave women who came forward to report the abuse. It’s unlikely, given the infinite constraints of the sponsorship system on domestic workers and the treatment they usually receive at police stations, that any of the survivors (mostly all workers with papers confiscated by ex employers) will lodge an official complaint, but at least Joe will not offend again and this story will serve as a warning to others. We hope for a serious investigation.

لقد سمعنا ، بكل فرح ان السيد “جو سمعان” هو رهن الاعتقال بهدف التحقيق معه.
شكرا جزيلا للسيدات الشجاعات اللواتي بادرن بالتبليغ عن كل التجاوزات والاستغلال.
انه من الغير المتوقع بوجود كل تلك المعوقات بنظام الكفالة على العاملات المنزليات، والمعاملة السيئة التي يحصلون عليها في اقسام الشرطة ان تقوم اي من “الناجيات”( عادتا كل العاملات مع اوراق تم مصادرتها من ارباب عمل سابقين)ان تقدكم شكوى رسمية.
ولكن على الاقل جو لن يعتدي على احد بعد الان ، وستكون هذة القصة بمثابة تحذير للاخرين .
نحن نتمنى حصول تحقيق جدي وفعال.



Jeep In Custoday

About Dipendra Uprety

Dipendra Uprety was born in Nepal in 1980. In 1998, aged 18, he moved to Lebanon where he was employed in the hospitality industry. While in Lebanon he met and married Priya, a domestic worker, also from Nepal. Together, they were involved in voluntarily assisting the Nepalese community by visiting ill-treated and battered domestic workers in the hospitals and prisons. Because of Dipendra’s work, he was made a representative of the Nepali Consulate. His wife continued activism and volunteered with the consulate. In 2012, they emigrated to Canada where they have continued to be active in fighting for human rights and justice for migrant domestic workers.


  1. This is been a long time we talk to our co OFW to ask help frm our Embassy but somebody told us we attempt to complained and she told us there’s no big evidence to show up instead you go to police station to complain and ask help…..we think that they are covering up to help but we failed. Anyway thnks God ….go to he’ll Joe Semaan …and for the victims cheer up goodluck for a new life . ..takecare and Godbless

  2. he is not only in facebook.he is also in many app like badoo….its happened to me also like this.but its not hime..a two guys in motorcycle.they ask my papers also and i showed it yo them.then theysaid i have drugs on my bag the searched..and that time i had 250$ on my bag to pay my rent room…they took it and run quickly.i was so affraid and couldnt say anything…

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