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Mermaidia – Abusive Agency

“Take note of these faces. They hire Filipinos and bring them to Lebanon. This agency beats up and hurts workers if they go back to the office. There are lots of victims already.” We have heard from several of them. We know of two women who did not realize they were pregnant when they left for Lebanon, one a Filipino and one an Ethiopian. Maroun Khawand, the agency owner, forced them both to have abortions. We have been sent pictures of bruises by women who were beaten up by Maroun. His Filipino accomplice, Maricel, is based in Dubai. It is time the Ministry of Labor closed this agency down.
በደብ፡ተመልከቱት ኢሄንን እነዚህ የምትመለከታቸው ሰውች፡ህገወጥ ስራ ነው ሚሰሩት ከሰው አገር ሰራተኛ እያመጡ የመታቸዋል በር ዘግተው ይደበድባቸዋል በጣም ብዙ እህቶቻችን በጣም ተሰቃይተዋል እኛ ሰማን፡ከአድች እህታችን እቻ እህታችን ወደ አገራ፡ስትመለስ እርጉዝ እደሁነች አታቅም፡ነበር ተመልሳ ስትመጣ እርጉዝ ናት መክተቡም እድታሱርድ አደረጋት እኛም ሌላም ሴት ሰምተናል እደተደበደበች

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