Migrants have helped Canada weather the pandemic. Will it return the favor?

Migrant workers are making significant sacrifices to benefit their host nations’ well-being. In Canada, that includes braving the pandemic. At what point do these workers deserve the residency status they seek?

They join a global movement sparked by the precarity that has been exposed by the pandemic. In Paris, more than 5,000 marched for legalization of the sans papiers, or unauthorized workers. In Portugal and Italy, governments have granted temporary rights to workers, while in Lebanon, where maids were abandoned by families who said they could no longer afford to pay, a push to end the “kafala system” in which domestic workers are tied directly to one family has grown. Over the weekend, asylum-seekers, unauthorized workers, and migrant workers protested in Canadian cities demanding more rights and protections amid the pandemic.

English | July 7, 2020



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