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Dr/Winemaker/Slaveholder Boutros Bou Younes

When Sonam met her family at the airport after 10 years slavery in Lebanon she had only $100!!! Sonam Moktan, slave of Boutros and Ghassan Bou Younes, received a mere $1,000 before she left. Security inside Beirut Airport took the money from her and gave her $100 back. A question for General Security: Who stole Sonam’s money? There are cameras at the airport. You can check (flight Fly Dubai 160, 26 Oct). And another question for General Security: Why did you deport Sonam without requesting to see the receipts for all the years of Sonam’s unpaid salary? Have you been paid off by Boutros?

We ask you to help us advocate for Sonam in as many ways as possible! Here are a few ideas:

ከባርነት ስትመለሽ።ይሽየመጣሽው።ሁለትመቶ ብርነው።ሱናም።ባርያ።ቦትሮስ።ገሳንቦዬነስ።ደረሰች።ኔፖልሄደች አልፍድላር።ፖሊስ አከድ።ትስአሚዬ።ማየትትች ላላችሁ።ማንወሰደው ።ለማየት ትሞክራላችሁ።በካሜራው።ማንእደወሰደው።እሳየነበረችበት።አሮፖላን።ምየው።ስቲን።ስታው።አሺርን።ኦክቶበር።እኔምጠይቃችሁ።ነገርአለኝ ።ፖሊሱች።መጀመርያ።ለምንአሎሰዳችሁም።ትኬትአልተቀ በላችሁም።መጀመርያ።ለምንአልጠየቃችዋትም።ብርመውሰዳን።።

بعد عشر سنوات من العبودية في لبنان، التقت سنام مقتان عائلتها في المطار وكان بحوزتها 100 دولار فقط من اصل الف دولار اخذتها من بطرس وغسان بو يونس الذين استعبداها مدة عشر سنوات.
الامن داخل المطار اخذو المال منها وقامو بأرجاع مئة دولار.
من سرق اموال سنام؟
هناك كاميرات في المطار ويمكنكم ان تلقو نظرة على رحلة (طيران دبي 160 ،26 تشرين الاول)و سؤال اخر للامن العام:لماذا قمتم بترحيل سنام من دون التأكد انها اخذت جميع حقوقها؟
هل تم الدفع لكم من قبل بطرس وغسان ؟

Update: Detention for Sonam While Her Slavers Go Free

Q: Why do Lebanese slaveholders go unpunished, while their victim goes to prison?

A: Because this is Lebanon.

We have been informed by a deportee that Sonam is now being held at the Detention Centre in Beirut. Boutros brought her into the Nepali Consulate two weeks ago not knowing that they had arranged for me to speak to her by phone in Nepali. It was only after she spoke to my wife that she started to believe it was even possible to return to Nepal. She has been so manipulated and brainwashed that she has almost lost her mind. And now she is being detained.

Boutros reported her to General Security as a runaway on 14 June, 2017. On 21 Aug, 2017 Ghassan told us she was working for his mother. You can listen to him here. You’d think they’d at least coordinate so they’re telling the same story!!

Will Sonam get her years of unpaid salary before she is deported? Will the Bou Younes brothers do prison time for keeping Sonam as a slave? How long will she sit in the Detention Centre? When will this evil system be abolished??

Update: Dr/Winemaker/Slaveowner, Boutros Bou Younes

Would you like to see what a Lebanese slaveowner looks like? Introducing therespected Dr. Boutros (Peter) Bou Younes. He also has his own vineyard, Chateau Wadih http://chateau


Maybe you’ve tasted one of the slaveowner’s wines?

He took possession of Sonam Moktan from Nepal in 2007 and gave her to his unmarried brother, Ghassan, who has had her as a personal slave ever since. That’s what brothers do for each other, right? Ghassan lives in Jbeil and imports and sells cars. His pic featured in our previous update. Sonam’s had no contact with her family for years and is not even aware that her father died in an earthquake in 2015.

We wrote to Dr. Boutros asking him to pay Sonam the US$33,500 he owes her and repatriate her by Friday 15th or we would make sure all of Jbeil knows about the family’s dirty secret. He read our messages but did not respond. So here he is – “The Prostate”. His phone number is 03-407 407. Brother Ghassan’s is 03-442 223.

هل ما زالت العبودية قائمة في لبنان؟
كيف يمكن ان يبدو سيد العبيد اللبناني؟
نقدم لكم المحترم الدكتور”بطرس ابو يونس” وهو يمتلك حقل للعنب ومصنع للنبيذ “chateau wadih”http://chateauwadih.net
ربما لقد تذوقت نبيذ هذا السيد؟

لقد استحوذ على النيبالية “سنام مقتان” عام 2007 واعطاها الى شقيقه الاعزب “غسان” الذي استخوذ عليها ك عبدته الخاصة منذ ذاك الحين.
اليس هذا ما يفعله الاخوة لبعضهم؟
يعيش غسان في جبيل وهو يستورد السيارات ويبيعها.
انقطع الاتصال بشكل كامل بين سنام وعائلتها ، حتى انها لا تعلم ان والدها قد توفي عام 2015 جراء زلزال.

لقد تواصلنا مع الدكتور بطرس طلبا منه ان يدفع مبلغ ال “33,500$” ثمن اتعاب سنام واعادتها الى وطنها يوم الجمعة 15 من شهر ايلول او ستكون مدينة جبيل باكملها على علم بالسر البشع لهذه العائلة.
لقد قرأ رسائلنا ولكنه لم يجب علينا.
“فها هو “البروستات”

Story A: Provided by the ’employers’ of Sonam. “She’s fine. She likes to live here. If she didn’t like to live here, she would have already left to Nepal. But she likes here. She has money and everything. She’s very happy.” They say she’s working for the family’s elderly mother in the mountains who has no phone so there’s no way of contacting her.

Story B: Provided by Sonam’s family. “There was no contact for so very long. But recently surprisingly she had contact with her cousin, Nita, who works in Lebanon. Sonam told Nita her owner says her passport is lost and sometimes he says she can’t return back to Nepal.”

Apparently Sonam is just so happy working for the family that she hasn’t wanted to go home for 10 years, not even for a holiday to see her family. Not even after her father died in an earthquake. She’s so happy that she doesn’t mind that she hasn’t received any payment since 2013.

Which story do you believe? Can you provide us with more info about this family?

Boutros lives in Jbeil. These are the phone numbers we have for him: 09-942 728 and 03-442 223. Give him a call and tell him you’ve read about him on This Is Lebanon.

Boutros Bou Younes, Where is Sonam?

Sonam Moktan (Nepal) arrived in Lebanon early 2007 and was sent to work for Boutros Bou Younes, Main Rd, Jbeil. During the last 10 years she has remitted only $1500 back to Nepal. She has not been back home all that time because “her owners didn’t want to send her.” She called only rarely – “she had to call secretly, by hiding, when no one was at home.” “She was beaten by owner’s mother.”  Her brother writes, “2 Months ago when I called her …she informed that she would be sent back to Nepal. And she convinced them to send her to airport…she was taken somewhere else instead of airport ..and now she is not in that house…I think she is taken somewhere else which is serious concern.”

This is Lebanon contacted Rayes Trading for their help. Initially they replied “I think she is good but I will search her place.” Then despite several more requests for help, no response. Someone must know Boutros Bou Younes. Someone must know where Sonam is. Please contact This Is Lebanon with any information. Thanks.
سنام مقتان” من النيبال.
وصلت الى لبنان اوائل عام 2007 و قد تم ارسالها للعمل لدى “بطرس بو يونس”، مدينة جبيل الطريق العام.
خلال العشر سنوات الماضية لم ترسل سوى 4500$ الى النيبال.
ولم تعد الى وطنها طوال الوقت وذلك لان” ارباب عملها لا يريدون ارسالها”.
كانت نادرا ما تتصل بعائلتها، وكانت مجبرة على الاتصال بشكل سري عن طريق الاختباء او عندما يكون ارباب المنزل في الخارج.
تعرضت سونام للتعنيف من قبل والدة رب العمل.
بحسب كتابات اخو سونام: ” عندما اتصلت بها من شهرين … اخبرتني انه سوف يتم اعادتها الى النيبال. وقد اقنعتهم بارسالها الى المطار… ولكن تم اخذها الى مكان اخر غير المطار… وهي الان لم تعد بنفس المنزل الذي ذكرناه… اعتقد انه تم اخذها الى مكان اخر وهذا يسبب قلق جدي.”
قام موقع “This Is Lebanon”
بمراسلة شركة “الريس” للتجارة لطلب المساعدة منهم.
في البداية كان جوابهم ” اعتقد انها بخير ولكن سوف ابحث عن مكانها.”
ولكن بعد ان عدنا وطلبنا المساعدة عدة مرات، لم يعد هناك تجاوب.
على احد ان يتعرف علر بطرس بو يونس.
على احد ان يعرف اين هي سونام.
ارجوكم قوموا بمراسلة “This Is Lebanon”في حال توافر اي معلومات .
شكرا جزيلا.

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  1. i think he lie..every persons who live far from their family is not happy they leave bcoz they wanted a happy and good life for them..its impossible that sonam dont want to go and want to stay here..they hide her and make her slave…we need to save her and bring her back to her family..haram😔

  2. I don’t think its professional to leave someone’s phone number like that in the article…. Regardless of what theyve done.

    • Sometimes, dear ‘Random Bloke’, you have to be unprofessional to save a slave. Say hi to Boutros.

      • Hehehehehehe that is the great answer

      • after a week of searching in the community in this ugly reported case, it is clear that this case is falsely reported. please Dipendra stop blackmailing for money, stop extortion.
        reveal your true name and identity, your true identity and your true name is known now .
        your true name is now in the Public Prosecution according to dr peter.

        • If she has been paid as you’re claiming, upload pictures of the receipts which you said are fully documented. You can put an end to this case right now. I’ll even post an apology. What are you waiting for??

  3. Why don’t u contact the Nepalese embassy or representative???? They should help her! It’s their job!

  4. Nayla Honein Rasamny

    I don’t understand ! Can we do something about this ? And how ?

  5. Hello,
    My name is indy and I am the restoring family links manager of the Lebanese Red Cross
    I stumbled upon your article and wonder if you have any news about this and if someone followed up and solved this issue

  6. Correct the amount 1500$ or 4500$

    • It is unclear to us right now. We have Western Union receipts totally $1500 but apparently some receipts were lost in the earthquake. It is definitely not more than $4500 though. Once we have Sonam to safety we can investigate this more thoroughly.

  7. I am from Jbail and I will personally look into this. I’ll ask my family and friends if they know of the employer and see what info I can get.

  8. My boyfriend’s family lives in Jbeil. I will ask them about this guy and keep you posted.

  9. Is the embassy informed??? I don’t think calling him would help. It may just provoke him. We need officials to take a step forward. This is inhumane.
    Has anyone contacted her embassy or any organizations that work against abuse?

  10. Let us all think wisely, without receiving any payment since 2013, how can anyone be happy. She has no any family members over there and that’s not even her country. How would anyone believe that. She says that she is very afraid of the employer and is forced to follow them. She has never stepped a foot outside of the house. She is like in prison. Then how can she be happy. Can anyone trust that? I would sue about this matter in international court. They forced her to say negative. We are their relative and know how she talks. This has been viral now in other medias too. Be careful ! If you were a human being then you would have convinced her to return back to nepal. You would have given her smartphone so that we could talk to her. But you never do that. And you guys investigate a lot even if she talks with her own family. You are cruel and should be punished.

  11. If you call the general security and the lebanese ministry of labor they will bring him from his ears. Those two institutions take those issues seriously, specially if the demand is from the nepal counsulate. Caritas can also help

  12. i think this report is totally false.
    first, i know dr peter very well, he is highly respected and very honest. i talked to him at length regarding what is happening.
    he disclaimed all this report and is totally untrue.
    as for slaveowner, slaveowner by definition is someone who works against his will and do not get reimbursed.Miss sonam moktan when she first arrived in lebanon in 2007, asked that the money get transferred to her father, (Mandatour Moktan) in nepal. and this was done. untill her father passed away , then to her mother, ( Chirto Lamini), all payments are documented and thelast payment was on 25/2/2017 $510.00.all by western union.

    • We know about the payment in Feb, 2017. The family owe Sonam about $33,000. It’s fabulous that all payments are documented. Upload them here for the whole world to see.

  13. as for the case of not allowing her outside the house: miss sonam moktan is taking care of an elderly lady, and this lady was admitted to the hospital multiple times and it is well documented. she was left alone at the house, all she has to do is to answer the phone. if she wanted to leave , she would left. and lastly, she was in april or may in the investigation office in beirut in the general security with a representative from that organization, that pretend to protect her rights, for four hours alone. why they did not take her? why they return her to the same home? why did not she tell them that she was not getting paid or they will not let me outside the house? because all this report is false. and this is the truth.
    also, the general security told dr peter that she has been here for ten years and she must go back to nepal, which he agreed and told the officer that her passport is being renewed in egypt and is stuck there since January and awaiting an special ID from Nepal. they promised to get a “laisser passer” and they did. they informed dr peter to get a ticket as soon as possible. and this was done, and she was to leave to nepal on june 15, 2017 on flight FZ158( operated by fly dubai), and for Sonam to be brought to the officer on that morning. on June 14 evening, she left the house. dr peter check the house the following morning and she was not there, then a lawsuit was submitted in baabda , with the public prosecution. and the case is there now…

    • Either Ghassan or Boutros is telling lies. On 21 August, 2017 Ghassan sent an audio message saying “She’s (Sonam) not here. She’s not with my house. She’s with our mother. She’s over there in the mountains in summertime. I will be in couple of days and let her speak to you…” So did she run away on 14 June or is she with the mother? The family need to get together and make sure they are telling the same story.

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