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Marcela Goes Home with the $10,000 She Was Owed

On the 17 April, 2018 we were contacted by a leader of the Togolese community seeking help for Marcel Gaba, a Togolese woman who hadn’t been paid since December 2015. At that stage she was owed about $9,000.  I contacted her employer and he told me that Marcel “will be leaving at the end of May and there is no problem with her money.” I followed up with a message on WhatsApp after which he blocked me. He did, however, send $5,000 home for her on 9 June, 2018. We kept calling him from different numbers telling him we would expose him on Facebook if he didn’t release her and pay the remainder of her salary.  On the 25 October, 2018, the Togolese community leader advised us that Marcel was in Adlieh Detention Centre.  She was imprisoned for having no papers. She was working contract and the whole time was in her employer’s house. Who should go to prison? Marcel or her employer? This is Lebanon! We called the employer again and told him he must go in and pay her salary. On the 5 November, 2018 she arrived back in Togo fully paid. It took a long time, but persistence paid off.

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